What is ARRIS

Agribusiness Alternative Retirement Investment Scheme (AARIS). It is a 20 year Retirement Investment Scheme for the subscribers or investors on the OPESIDI agribusiness investment scheme. This scheme is designed to help the subscribers on OPESIDI plan their retirement and go home with the minimum of N2, 000,000 (Two Million Naira) at retirement point. This alternative retirement scheme is based on the subscribers’ willingness to pay the expected monthly retirement savings. The AARIS scheme is under the management of Union Bank Plc. It is strictly open to OPESIDI subscribers or investors only. An AARIS account will be open with UNION BANK Plc. With a starting retirement investment sum of N80, 000 (Eighty thousand naira). The N80, 000 is expected to be sourced from Central Bank of Nigeria by Union Bank Plc. On behalf of the subscriber and be deposited in the individual indirect farmer’s AARIS account and be managed on compound interest investment and the subscriber (civil servant) can make up to N2,000,000 (Two Million naira) on retirement with minimum of 5 years (60 months) left in service. Terms and conditions apply. Please, check the AARIS table below for clarity.

AARIS Scheme operates on the following Model and Parameters:

Amount Expected At Retirement (2,000,000)

  1. Monthly Savings.
  2. Initial amount deposited (N80,000)
  3. Years of Contribution (The number of years left for subscriber, 5-15 years, contributory)
  4. Annual Rate of Returns (%).Assumptions:
  1. Beneficiary has saved the sum of N80, 000 already as a retirement contribution at time (t),
  2. He has minimum of 5 years left in service at time (t) or if less make up contribution to meet up becomes necessary.
  3. Annual Return Rate (ARR) is put at the minimum of 11%
  4. AARIS monthly Investment contribution must not be less than N25, 000

How much should I save monthly to be able to realize N2,000,000, with 5 years left in service?

  1. Initial amount deposited ==================== N80,000
  2. Monthly savings (over 5 years=60 months) ========N25,000
  3. Years left in service======================== 5 Years (60 Months)
  4. Annual Return Rates (ARR)================== 11%

Interpretation: for any civil servant that have maximum of 5 years left to retire, and wishes to subscribes to the AARIS scheme, and expected to make N2,000,000 at retirement point, can only achieve that by making monthly contribution of N25,000 (Twenty five thousand naira over 5 years (60 months).

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