What is OPESIDI?

Oil Palm Estate Partnership Investment development Initiative (OPESIDI) is an oil palm value chain partnership investment platform; that allows an individual to invest in the oil palm plantation, as an indirect farmer from the comfort of his office, home and workshops with little amount of capital, no knowledge of oil palm cultivation is required and no land is required by this kind of farmer for the investment. This type of farmers are known as indirect farmers or e-farmers, they are not involved in day to day farming activities as required. They only make funds available and labours are employed to do the farm physical works.

The indirect farmers are the most important and impactful set of farmers in the real sector of theĀ  economy, their investmentĀ  further create job opportunities for the teaming Nigerian youths. For instance; a 10,000 ha oil palm plantation can create a job opportunity for about 40,000 skilled and unskilled labour.


Oil Palm Estate Partnership Investment Development Initiative (OPESIDI). It is both tree crops expansion model and an agribusiness long-term partnership value chain investment platform.

It entails all the activities leading to establishment of an oil palm plantation and the installation of integrated oil palm processing equipment.

This model was build by STOCKS & MINAS AGRICULTURAL ADVOCACY NETWORK AFRICA (SMAANA). A non governmental agricultural advocacy outfit. The organization is committed to HOW BEST can oil palm industry in Nigeria and Africa generally be improved for better and sustainable value addition and to contribute to the growth and development of the diversification of the Nigerians economy to achieve food production and job creation for the teaming population. Some countries of the world such as: Malaysia, Indonesia etc. Hold oil palm in high esteem and as the main stay of their economies, in such economies of the world, Oil Palm has significant share in their various foreign earnings and serves as source of raw materials for the real sector of their economy. This means that, viable oil palm sector is a prerequisite for sustainable economic growth for any economy of the world that has the comparative advantage to grow oil palm on large economy of scale which Nigeria is not in exception given the natural and human endowment for large oil palm cultivation.

The news and facts that Nigeria that was one time in history a leading producer of palm oil in the world has become a net importer of palm oil to the tune of 55% of the domestic consumption demand today is not just unheard of but disheartening at the same time.

Having studied the plantation agriculture in Nigeria generally, especially the oil palm sector, does not have the capacity any more to produce and meet up the local demand of palm oil. As a result, efforts were engaged, and the following militating factors were discovered. Solutions were proffered in form of a model here known as OPESIDI.

How does OPESIDI operate?

It is an indirect farmers clustering platform model that encourages investment in an oil palm plantation with as little as N6,000 monthly over 60 months (5 years) and own a share of an oil palm plantation. It is an agribusiness mutual fund hub that pools funds from individual subscribers and invest in agribusiness such as plantation establishment and annual crops and give returns on investment to the investor.

It also have a team of competent professionals that manage the farms with best management practices for high yielding and large economic benefits to be able to deliver returns on investment as promised.

Objectives of OPESIDI

To find solutions to the major four known problems of plantation agriculture in Nigeria.
2. Profiling the existing rural holders and encouraging adoption of improved varieties (Tenera Hybrid) /expansion of their plantation.
3. Create retirement investment platform for government workers and employees of organized private sectors by creating an indirect farmers initiative and platform to enable them invest in agribusiness as a retirement investment windows.
4. Showcasing benefits of oil palm plantation and other crop value chain.
5. Evaluate the profitability of oil palm processing enterprise with the view to extending the value chain beyond primary production of Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB)
6. Establish strategies to develop oil palm plantation and other crops value chain
7. Showcase the demand and supply gap for oil palm locally/internationally
8. Create a unified cooperative for oil palm farmers to ease/simplify financial interventions programme of CBN, NIRSAL, and BOA etc.
9. To contribute to knowledge base in oil palm (tree crop) expansion and creative idea towards enhancing tree crop intensification programme of government.
10. To bring to the fore the twin problems of land tenure and payment of compensation for agricultural lands in Nigeria and to liaise with government at level any to enhance access to agricultural land.
11. Address the issues of sustainable job and wealth creation in the Agricultural sector.
12. Creating means of livelihood for farmers and access to market, financial, health and social services

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